Area and Attractions


Taktshang (Tiger’s nest) Drive: 30 Mins Drive Hike; 2 to 3 Hrs Hike to Taktshang (Tiger nest) built in 1684 by the 4th Desi, Gyeltshen Tenzin Rabgye. The monastery is built on a steep cliff at about 1000ft above Paro valley. A place is believed to be the birthplace of Buddhism in Bhutan. The monastery is most sacred site of all Buddhism and must visit cultural site in Bhutan. To view the monastery, you will have to for 2 to 3 hrs along a trail that climbs through a dense pine forest.







Ta Dzong (National Museum) Drive: 30Mins Ta Dzong is the national museum of Bhutan is located above Paro Dzong. It was Paro Dzong’s ancient watchtower built in 1651 by Paro Penlop Tenzing Drugda, the half brother of Shabdrung. It was in this tower that Ugyen Wangchuk, future First King of Bhutan, was imprisoned in 1872 when he came to put down a revolt If you like to see genuine antique collections, Ta-Dzong is the place you must visit. From there you can also get Birds Eye view of Paro valley.


Paro Rimpong Dzong Drive: 25Mins En-route to Ta-Dzong you can visit Rimpong Dzong – means the fortress of the heap of jewels. The Dzong is administrative seat of the district of Paro and it also contains a state monastic community. Inside you will see beauty of Bhutanese architecture. If you like to walk you can do so by walking down the stone footpath and can cross over to other side of river through traditional cantilever bridge. Note: Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal built it in 1646.

Kichu Lhakhang Drive: 20 Mins Kitchu Lhakhang (Monastery) is one of the oldest and most sacred Buddhist temples in Bhutan. It was believe to be built by Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo in 17th Centaury as a drive to build 108 temples across Tibet and Himalayas to overcome demons.

Ruins of Drukgyal Dzong Drive: 45Mins Drugkgyal Dzong –the victory ford. On the clear sunny day you will be able to sight the Mount Jumolhari (7314meters or 24,000 feet) the tallest mountain in Bhutan. Built in 1647 by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyel to commemorate his victory over the Tibetans in 1644. In 1951, a butter lamp fell over and started a terrible fire that brought down the Dzong to ground.

Dungtse Lhakhang :This temple is in the form of Chorten and is only one of its kind. It was build in 1421 by Famous Tibetan Lam Thangton Gyelpo also know as Chagzampa – the builder of iron bridge or Drubthob – the Realized One. He came to Bhutan looking for Iron Ore and before his return to Tibet he had built 8 bridges. The Temple was built to over power demoness. The Lhakhang possesses one of the most extraordinary collections of paintings in Bhutan or even in the Himalayan world.

Chelala Pass Drive: 1hrs Chele la (pass) at an elevation of 3,988 meters is considered to be one of the highest motorable passes in Bhutan. It is an hour drive from Tashi Namgay Resort. On your way to Chelala pass you will drive through pine and rhododendron forests. Upon reaching Chelala pass; take a walk above the pass to enjoy alpine forest and thousands of pray flags. Another 45 minutes drive from the pass will bring you to Haa valley.

Paro Town Drive: 10 mins For last minute shopping you can take a stroll in Paro Town. Of two the old street has huge number of handicraft shops. If you are interested in Bhutanese Gho & Kira visit retail garment shops. There are quite a good number of coffee shops for you to relaxe.