Recreational Area

A Blend with Nature

The entire property has been developed with a view to accentuate the breathtakingly beautiful natural ambience. The river bank at the base, the soothing greenery, the gentle gradient higher up and, in fact, every rock, mound and depression is preserved intact by ensuring that the later constructions, rather than disrupt the natural order, enhance the raw beauty within the premises.


A Family Heritage

Tashi Namgay is more than a resort; it is the fruition of a family’s tireless efforts to preserve their ancestral home and property so that their guests also get to feel the vibes of Bhutan’s yesteryears. Every stone and timber from the family’s run-down ancient house has been reused in the new constructions. The whole property is typically Bhutanese – setting, planning, architecture, raw materials used, the interiors, name any – making the resort a kind of museum or heritage property in its own right.


Modern Comfort & Luxury

The resort may preserve the look and feel of the past but the amenities are ultra-modern. In fact, the blend between the two has been achieved down to the smallest detail as is apparent in, say, how the bedrooms, dining rooms, meeting halls, rest rooms, bar and restaurant are done up and catered to. For value additions, the resort has a full-fledged spa, fitness centre, a designated arena for traditional Bhutanese sports, facilities for biking, jogging and nature walks, among many others. For these reasons, the resort has been rated Four-Star by the Tourism Council of Bhutan.


Other Activities


Chef’s Garden Walk

Guests can take garden walks and, if interested, also participate in seasonal gardening activities such as planting and harvesting of crops ranging from asparagus to fruits.


A lesson in Cooking – the Bhutanese way

Ever wondered how that overwhelmingly hot and spicy chili-cheese combination called Ema Datse is prepared? Well, try your hand in making Bhutanese dishes through the resort’s cooking classes. Bhutanese dishes are delicious but fairly simple to make.


360 Bicycle Trail

To keep oneself fit as a fiddle, guests may bike to Paro town, just four kilometres away. The trail is scenic: you go past the airport and the river bank seeing farmers, monks, farm houses and fields along the way.


Pa-Chhu Stroll

Guests may also take a stroll along the PaChhu (river) that sustains the valley’s farmlands and is also the habitat of many species of water birds. Feel the cool Himalayan breeze and the glacial-fed icy cold water that flows straight from the base of the sacred Mt Jomolhari.


Hike to Guru Nye

For a spiritually rewarding getaway in the shortest time possible, there is, a short way above the resort on a hillside, a sacred site blessed by the 8th century Second Buddha – Guru Padmasambhava. There, before the body imprint of the Guru on the rock, you may make offerings and say your prayers.